DNS Lookup

Lookup DNS records for domain or hostname.

What is DNS Lookup?

DNS Lookup is a web tool that allows you to look up IP addresses and DNS records by domain name. DNS Lookups allow you to determine the correspondence between domain names and IP addresses.

What is the relationship between IP addresses and domain names?

IP addresses and domain names are used to identify computers on the Internet. DNS manages this correspondence between IP addresses and domain names.

Functions of a DNS Lookup

The main function of a DNS Lookup is to look up IP addresses and DNS records from domain names, including host names, MX records, CNAME records, and TXT records. By examining this information, you can verify information such as the website hosting company, mail server information, and domain ownership information.

Advantages of DNS Lookups

The advantage of a DNS Lookup is that you can quickly look up address information for web sites and mail servers. DNS Lookups can also be used to identify fraudulent domain names and fake Web sites. This helps prevent security problems before they occur. In addition, when migrating a website or mail server, a DNS Lookup can be used to verify the new IP address.

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