UUID Generator

Generate unique IDs(UUID v1/v4) in batches.

What is UUID Generator?

UUID Generator is a useful tool available on the web. This tool provides functionality to easily generate UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifier), which are unique identifiers used to ensure data uniqueness in information systems and databases.

What is a UUID?

UUID stands for "Universally Unique Identifier" and is a unique identifier represented as a 128-bit number; a UUID is generated based on a random value, a unique MAC address on the network, or the current time. It is therefore unique with a very high probability of uniqueness.

UUID Generator Features

UUID Generator has the following features

  • v1/v4 support: UUID Generator supports both v1 and v4 versions. v1 is generated based on the current time and MAC address, v4 is generated using random values. The user can choose which version to use.

  • Generate Specified Number: The tool provides the ability to generate a user-specified number of UUIDs at once. This allows for efficient batch processing or when a large number of unique identifiers are needed.

Advantages of UUID Generator

The advantages of using UUID Generator include the following

  • Ensure uniqueness: UUID v4 has a very high probability of uniqueness. This makes it very useful for use in systems and databases where data uniqueness must be ensured.

  • Simple generation process: The UUID generation tool provides an easy-to-use interface for generating UUIDs.

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